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Are you a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, magic and sorcery, and mystical creatures? Simply describe the setting and the characters and turn your imagined worlds into a novel.


Can’t stop thinking “what-if” and “what-could-be”? From interstellar odysseys to dystopian futures, from cyberpunk to space colonization. Take your readers on your journey through the wonders and perils of technology, the mysteries of the universe, and the boundless potential of human ingenuity.


You’ve had countless romantic adventures and always dreamt of creating a novel based on your life? Or maybe based on your parents’ or friend’s stories? Create a romantic novel, and spice it up with a bit of drama, humor, intrigue, and suspense.


Heart-pounding journey through haunted realms, confronting malevolent spirits, monstrous creatures, and unspeakable evils - invite your readers to revel in the spine-chilling novel. Just like H. P. Lovecraft.


Often find yourself overly observational? Create a crime novel in Arthur Conan Doyl’s style - weave mysteries and keep the readers on the edge.


Embark on adventures, meet fantastical characters, and explore magical worlds in a novel tailored just to your kid (or your inner kid). Create it yourself or let your kid do it and even be the main character there!

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